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Laminam is a new word and new expressive possibilities in creating modern stylish interiors. Designers are inspired by diversity colors of Laminam surfaces with the texture of marble, sandstone, cement, textured and oxidized metal, wood, metallized fabric and other decors.

Bathrooms and Kitchens

Laminam boards are ideal for kitchen countertops and bathroom furnishings and cladding. Laminam surfaces are moisture resistant and resist the formation of fungus. They are highly scratch resistant and fully food compatible.


Ceramic slabs have long proven their status as the most practical floor covering. Laminam large format ceramic flooring is a transition to the next level, where practicality is combined with high aesthetics.



Furniture fronts made of Laminam thin ceramic slabs are a bright and unconventional solution. Laminam collections contain many stylish colors and textures for creating original furniture sets. Furniture with ceramic facades is very practical, it is not scratched, easy to clean and does not lose its novelty.


Facades of Buildings

Laminam ceramic slabs are an excellent material for building facades. Thanks to the strength and high resistance to various weather conditions, Laminam ceramics are used in curtain wall systems. Slabs do not fade, do not crack from frost and give buildings a beautiful well-kept look.


Interior of Rooms

Traditionally, ceramics have been used for flooring and wall panels. The use of Laminam large-format ceramic tiles for cladding bathrooms and sanitary facilities is especially important, since the material is not afraid of high humidity. The surface of ceramic tiles is resistant to mechanical abrasion and is successfully used for cladding walls and floors in halls and corridors of public buildings - shopping centers, airports, hotels.



Slabs with a thickness of 12 mm are used as countertops. Laminam large format ceramics are the ideal surface for kitchen countertops. It is almost impossible to scratch, it is easy to clean, it is easy to care for it and keep it clean. Along with kitchen countertops, Laminam is also used for bathroom countertops. An interesting solution is a coffee table or a dining table with a Laminam top.

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